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Ridge is Powered by Partnerships

Ridge is a utility infrastructure solutions provider founded by industry experts looking to fill a void in the marketplace.
As we looked to the future, we knew there had to be a better way to do business.
A smarter, integrated, sophisticated, streamlined way.

Introducing Ridge.

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You have an infrastructure project, you have a defined budget, you have a hard deadline — and you need to satisfy your investors.

Once again, your team faces the challenges and stresses of balancing all the elements of this arduous process.

What if it could be simpler, easier, even painless?
Enter Ridge.

About Ridge
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the Big

What if you could avoid pre-project traveling, reviewing countless proposals, and procurement process hassles?

What if you could deal with ONE company and were no longer plagued with countless emails and questions from suppliers?

What if you could partner with that company from the very beginning?

Our Capabilities
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It All

From engineering to procurement, construction to maintenance, Ridge can do it all.

Our experienced team has the capabilities and relationships to handle all your project needs.

By sharing the benefits of our expertise and digging deep into your goals, we provide our clients with comprehensive solutions and transparent pricing.

Our Projects
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and Build

Ridge cuts out the redundancy of utility infrastructure projects from beginning to end.

We create joint ventures that are financially sound and mutually beneficial.

We establish goals, schedules, and budgets at the onset — all with full disclosure.

Because when both our project teams are working in the same direction, we all win.

Our Partnerships